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Pet Furniture Bed

pet furniture bed

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pet furniture bed - Extra Large

Extra Large 52" Bagel Donut Dog Pet Bed - Khaki Sherpa

Extra Large 52" Bagel Donut Dog Pet Bed - Khaki Sherpa

This is what your best friend would consider doggy heaven. A brand new Extra Large Super High Loft Bagel Style Sherpa Pet Dog Bed (Outside Dimensions 36x52/ Inside Dimensions 30x46 ). You will not find a more luxurious pet bed, especially when your puppy finds himself surrounded by a plush bolster that?s made for leaning against for those long naps. It?s made of the finest materials available: a base of heavy duty water proof 300/600 Denier, the Bolster of a durable 7oz. Poly/cotton Twill, the inside with plush faux sheepskin, and stuffed with a Super Premium High Loft Polyester Fiber Fil. Fully machine washable; just place the entire bed in your washer & dryer on low heat, tumble dry low (use a commercial size laundromat for best results). Also available in Extra-Small, Small, Medium, and Large as well as a variety of colors to match your pet and decor: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Khaki, and Red. For your best friend, nothing but the best. (Extra-Large recommended for dogs from 70 to 110lbs)

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Tip enjoying her new bed

Tip enjoying her new bed

This is Tip - our last remaining cat from a litter of strays. Our daughter Ciera started feeding her mother (a stray she named Snowball) many years ago, and she took to sleeping in our garage when she became pregnant - Ciera insisted we leave the garage door open a crack to let her in when she wanted. Of course, she gave birth in our garage to six kittens. We found nice homes for three of them, and kept the others.

I named this one "Tip" because of the white tip at the end of her tail. She turned eight years old this year, and now she's the only one we have left.

We recently redecorated our home, which, of course included the bedroom - with new paint, and furniture including a new comforter for the bed cover. Since the cats had the habit of sleeping on our bed (whether we were in it or not) my wife insisted on a cat bed on top of the comforter to reduce the amount of hair left behind.

Anyway, here she is, totally relaxed in her new bed.

Custom design doors and pet furniture 075

Custom design doors and pet furniture 075

The Mission Bed: (front view) It is really difficult to "catch" the simply beauty in this bed with a photograph. A very special touch in this bed is the "checker board finial". By juxtaposing the grain and adding a walnut accent, every new angle of observation reveals a new "sheen" off of the inlaid Mahogany.

pet furniture bed

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