Clearance Furniture Store

clearance furniture store

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clearance furniture store - Bookcase Style

Bookcase Style Black Finish King Size Storage Headboard

Bookcase Style Black Finish King Size Storage Headboard

Bookcase Style Black Finish King Size Storage Headboard This 11* deep bookcase-style headboard has 6 compartments, providing ample space for bedside reading materials, clocks, photographs and decorative accessories. It can be used with any King sized bed frame or is an ideal companion with Prepac*s platform storage beds. This product is made from composite woods with an attractive MDF top and moldings. Product ships flat-packed and self-assembly is required. Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions are included. Coordinate with other Prepac bedroom furniture. Made in Canada. Also Available in Cherry, Espresso, Maple or White Finishes. Dimensions: 81.5"W 11"D 43"H

89% (7)

new dining room chairs

new dining room chairs

What an ordeal. Maria and I went to Pier 1 Imports near our house and spotted a chair we liked on clearance, so we asked for 3 more. They had 1 more but called another store about 12 miles away who had 2 chairs. We had the manager check them over and he confirmed they were perfect. They wouldn't hold them however because they were clearance, so Maria paid over the phone and off we set to get them. When we arrived I immediately noticed a 1 inch long slash in the leather. So this store called around, and found 2 more in excellent condition in Altamonte Springs, For those who live in the area, you do not want to drive near Altamonte Mall at 5 PM on a Friday. Being the dutiful husband I am I drove all the back roads, found the store and we finally had our last chair of the set.

Clark Furniture storefront

Clark Furniture storefront

Interesting to think this place may be about to go out of business soon(or maybe not, as I've seen this store do 'store clearance' sales before, then take the signs down), as it's currently doing a 'going out of business' sale.

JUNE 2009 UPDATE: This store closed back in summer 2007, and Joel Hall Dance Center moved into this space during spring of this year. The nearby Piano Gallerie is still closed and its sign was painted over, like Clark Furniture was after closing.

clearance furniture store

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